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Ayurveda: effective Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Kydneys (& heals) treatment (& diagnosis)

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An Ayurvedic doctor told me “in the west there is no medicine for the liver”.
I have never delved to find out if it is true, but it does not surprise me.

The Liver processes everything that goes into us, and it has many functions doctors are prepared to say they know nothing about.

In Ayurveda all the drugs formulas originated in written form thousands of years ago.

And have been in use throughout that time period.

Arogyavardhini is the drug of choice for the Liver. A Google search brings only 2,120 results.
A Google search of
‘Arogyavardhini Liver’ brings only 897 results.
Maybe it is a big secret in the West. It is technically probably a prescription drug in most Western countries.

The google results should qualify the benefits of this mineral drug. It is also useful for the Spleen, (& therefore I think the glands as well) The Spleen is a gland.

Ayurveda actually has many Liver drugs, Liv52 and Maharashi Ayurved also are famous (for good reasons)! And these alternatives might be herbal only, I am not sure they are from original formulas, and so more correctly they should be called propriety medicine based on Ayurvedic science.

If you are curious about the health of your liver, it is possible to take a LFT (Liver Function Test) at any clinic offering blood analysis. And watch them take the blood out. The benchmarks in the blood test are worldwide. Some possible visible signs of a weak liver: Vertical grooves in nails or pale nails. Irritability. Yellowing of either the skin or the area around the Iris, vertical creases above Nose bridge, poor skin quality. (Horizontal crease=Pancreas) And bowel movements you’ll have to look up on Google. But a weak Liver shouldn’t have hard grains a doctor told me. [Also no alcohol]

Another famous Ayurvedic mineral formula: (& therefore prescription type)Chandraprabha (14,000 results), This is good for the Kydneys and assossiated organs. Another Ayurvedic doctor told me cracks or pain in your heals is a sign of weak Kydneys. Bags under the eyes generally indicate poorly performing Kydneys.

Written by morris

June 21, 2008 at 4:53 pm

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