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Pictures: Sufis really Levitating an 80 kilo stone, India

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by V.S.Gopalakrishnan
Though holder of a Master’s degree in Physics -my Ph.D. was in Commerce- and I was very science-minded, I always had a curiosity about the supernatural. Someone told me about the mystery of the levitating stones in a dargah close to Pune,….

The bigger stone is perhaps 18 inches in diameter and is said to weigh roughly 140 lbs. The smaller stone is perhaps around 14 inches in diameter and is said to weigh about 100 lbs. ( It’s so sad that these simple physical properties have not been recorded and kept ). No single person can lift any of the stones from the ground with all the ten fingers, heavy indeed as they are.

How do the stones ‘levitate’? The word ‘levitate’ is perhaps a misnomer because they do not go up from the ground by themselves. Then, what is the miracle about the stones? My younger son of about 10 years and I were keen participants in the mystery-act. Any eleven males (including boys) could stand around the big stone lying on the ground. Each person has to simply bend down and ‘gently’ touch the stone with just one index finger. The touching has to be in the bottom half, not the top portion of the stone. After the eleven people thus touch the stone, all of them have to utter, in unison and loudly, the expression, “Kamarali Darvesh”. My experience was incredible. The stone rises up to eight feet before falling to the ground. While the stone was rising, your index finger feels very light and there is no pressure on it. It was as if some spiritual force through the eleven of us was guiding the stone to rise up. Why does it fall after going up eight feet or so? It is because our finger can no longer touch it above that height. This miracle, it is said, does not work with women, as the Kamarali baba was a bachelor.

(Photo credit: The Sunday Tribune, 23 Sept. 2001, photo appearing in the article by Shona Adhikari)


Or just put “Pune Levitation” into Google

I think any group of people can do this. It is just that in our modern culture of division of labour, we are no longer able to group together and join forces in a concentrated way.

When a Medium goes into trance, they can only do it in a group of people. The combined energy is needed.

Click here to see more pictures

When I arrived there, the atmosphere was very relaxed, and the locals were happy to oblige with a levitation demonstration, they did this about three times in an hour.


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June 11, 2008 at 7:55 pm

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