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Do the Jews cheat the Jews?

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Do the Jews cheat the Jews?
Of course they do, they are humans. Outside of treason most things are fair game. That there is stealing, lying and more is no secret.
But as the veil of Zionism is increasingly under the microscope. More and more illusions might be questioned.
Just as that famous Baseballer (Pat Tillman) was disclosed to have died in Afghanistan by friendly fire. He had dropped his career to fight for his country, and then the circumstances of his death were covered up.
Could Jews and Israelis begin to ask themselves to what end they are fighting? To question who exactly is in charge and to what extent a Jew is a part of the Jewish culture. Jews are governed by their laws and by those that govern. Over the last decade or two, more and more publicity is given to the lack of power of the nation state, particularly vis a vis the multinationals. Can this be used as a metaphor for the Jew.
The power of the Jews over the Jews is also international. It is no longer possible to go to another country and start anew and assimilate.
All to often there is for all intents an assimilated Jew basking in his or her Jewishness. Yet are they in any way aware of the power structure of the Jews, or in its laws, or in the way they are administered.
He or She has been told of the holocaust and the victimisation of the Jews. That this happened without apparent reason. And with this identity the Jew is prepared to fight for Judaism.
But it is unlikely that many Jews are aware of the secretive oligarchy of the Jews. how they work, or indeed how they think.
Judaism without political and economic power must be amazing. Now we are at the zenith of Judaic power, I just wonder if Jews themselves are feeling a divide, as if they are not a part of the ruling elite. And that decisions being taken are not in their best interests.
A feeling that a secretive group of people would happily dupe another Jew into a false sense of identity, by appealing to a base nationalistic instinct. There is a human craving ‘to belong’. Maybe it needs to be recognised as exactly that. Is it possible to raise a nation on the premise of lies?

Written by morris

May 23, 2008 at 11:12 am

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  1. Stupid post !!!!


    May 23, 2008 at 10:42 pm

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