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Baalbeck, Baalbek Lebanon, Largest hewn stone in world.

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BaalBeck means Sun Temple. The Phoenicians were there from perhaps 2,000 BC. But like Stonehenge and the Pyramids I and many others believe these giant relics are much older than historians would have us believe. The Sphinx is now generally accepted to be from 10,000 BC. I think, think along those lines, pre 10,000 BC. http://www.andrewcollins.com and http://www.grahamphillips.net are two web sites of pioneer archeologist and earth mystery people. Glaring evidence of our civilised hubris is evident when we go to major museums in the UK, and the exhibits start with the Romans. Druids and Stonehenge are often not represented.

Map of Lebabon, 2002. Photo Credit: The University of Texas at Austin.


Anyway BaalBeck has enormous temples and large stone structures. This one shaped stone (thought to be the heaviest in the world) weighs around 1,000 tons. It was partially taken out of its quarry to be taken up to the Sun Temple, where other similar large stones are. But for some reason the whole effort was aborted. There is no evidence of how the stones were moved!


I think Baalbeck is a stronghold of Hizbollah, thankfully the ruins were not bombed in the wars (as far as I know). Nearby there are Marijuana fields. They have been there since before Hizbollah evolved.


Written by morris

May 14, 2008 at 10:07 pm

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