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This was written 2 years ago & should be rewritten (Sept 09) I & the world have changed


I have been a news junkie for decades, and indeed worked in the news in Israel for about 3 years as a freelancer mostly for WTN. Starting when Rabin and Peres were fighting for a peaceful solution.

My official title was a Sound Recorder. I was in Gaza before the PLO arrived, also when they did arrive. And I was often a ‘fireman’ just rushing to the aftermath of an incident.

I saw many ‘staged’ press conferences, where accredited journalists have their questions rehearsed. And too many incidents to recount.

I remember being in a West Bank town, Ramallah or Bethlehem, and an American intermediatory, maybe Dennis Ross, was meeting Yasser Arafat, there happened to be a massive festivity going on, there were fireworks going off everywhere, it was such a charade, they were supposed to be having discussions and that seems to say it all, nor was it all by chance, twas surely orchestrated.

Anyway this is going to be a positive Blog. In spite of the atrocities being done in our name.
We protesters are tomorrows heroes. All the powers behind the dastardly deeds will line up behind us. I speak not of opportunism but of reality.

While there is surely going to be a backlash, particularly in the US, as the inevitable defeat of misguided policies starts to bite. We dissenters are still a disorganised lot. The oligarchy is still ahead of us. But above all the internet is changing everything.

I remember offering the businessmen little movies, that now constitute ‘YouTube’, and the idea of a Middle Eastern ‘news desk’ / ‘meeting ground’. They were not interested. Moral: It’s not good to be too ahead of your time.

The TV ended the Vietnam war. Now the internet will end the NeoCons.
And I hope a secular time will follow.

Oh and I almost forgot, I am 53 (& not a day over 18), single, straight and would still like to start a family.

And I have been making a living from Palm and Tarot reading.
“Why an interest in the news and the occult?” Because my Mother loved the occult and my Father was ashamed of what has happened in Israel.

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March 28, 2008 at 3:25 pm

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