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Israel’s free fall was only TRIGGERED by the Gaza onslaught

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There are so many writers asking; “Was Gaza worth it?”

Israel’s free fall

Dec 22, 2009:”Israel’s diplomatic status is undergoing a rapid collapse, whose like we have never known before. We did undergo crises during the first Lebanon War, the First Intifada and on other occasions – but never did we fall from a such great height to such a low depth, and the bottom is still far down” (Adam Keller quoting Ben Kaspit’s Ma’ariv oped)


We should be used to horrific scenes of Israeli military actions. Why was Gaza the problem? In 1982 the world watched Beirut being mercilessly bombed for 90 days. There were also phosphorous bombs used in that invasion of Lebanon.

Recently we had the second Lebanon war, which was one Israeli war crime from beginning to end.

According to racist Jewish thought these “other” people from “other” ethnic backgrounds are lesser people, and no one should identify with them.

Operation Cast Lead was just the straw that broke the Camel’s back, it was inevitable. There is so much widespread resentment against the way Jewish Zionist people are leading the mainstream media, the banks, and the endless war crimes being committed against Iraqis, Afghans and indeed all faithful Muslims.

The widespread suspicions regarding 911, 7/7 and mostly all reporting of terrorist acts.

It is truly time for an end to the Jewish empire, it has been hijacked by some very bloodthirsty people.

GeoPolitically, it seems the Chinese are poised to fill any vacuum, and that is purely anecdotal.  A Jew or an Israeli is nowadays required to:

1/ Show pride in Judaica

2/ Be of service to Judaica

3/ Tax, Hegemonize, and go against nature’s soul

Simply a ruthless culture, creating ruthless people, and ultimately ruthless adversaries. And what’s on offer? Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama?

Apart from the truth that Jews actually do kill Jews, I can only wonder how long till Jews have killed Judaica.

They simply don’t get it. Obama’s surge, Iran the enemy, Killing and stealing everyday, and undermining and defaming all peacelovers. Breeding wars and conflict everywhere. No, there is no longer anything to be proud of regarding Judaica.

The tide has turned for international opinion, the leaders of the Jews might not know it, then again, nor did Mussolini.

Written by morris

December 27, 2009 at 10:38 am

Zionism? Hedge your bets

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The majority of people have turned against Zionism (with frightening speed), including the majority of Jews outside Israel. Then what is left for the oligarchs of finance and media to do? To also shed the zionism.

The cavalcade of anti zionist sentiment, often highlighted in the Israeli press, is surely striking home.


Where will this leave the die hard settlers and neocon backers? Out in the lurch is the answer.

Well known is the politician’s ability to turn on a dime, less well known is the same abillity for the Oligarchs and even the religious.

After all they rule over populations, that abide by neither religion nor free market economies. And how will these oligarchs deal with their brethren, those extremists in the West Bank, who actually believe in a Greater Israel.

I think at the very top of Judaic power a decision has been made to abandon Zionism, for the sake of keeping Jewish identity and power. They know whites are still the dominant economic class in post apartheid South Africa.


And all the zionist control of our institutions will have to be transfered to other hegemonic goals, yet still enshrine the same people.

All that can go wrong with this plan is a war, and who would start that???? The lunatic rightwing Israelis would, and they want to do it in the name of all of the Jews. The Israeli PM is relaying the message that all Jews are part of this Mafia, and they are ready to enforce it, speaking just a week ago 9-9-09, Netanyahu said:

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Written by morris

November 18, 2009 at 1:26 pm

Fort Hood – The making of a Patsy

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I don’t believe this Fort Hood soldier shot any innocents

He had no immediate family and was single. This is the enemy of our ruling elite, along with Muslims and Soviets.

Now he is under guard, and he will learn what he has to say to stay alive.

He had relatives in the West Bank whom he had some telephone contact. Is it not certain these calls were monitored by Israel? And he would therefore be monitored in the US.

My days are spent in association with criminals and deviants. This is what a group of Jews have bequeathed me.

Day after day, year after year.

If I dare to make an association with anyone, they or their family is immediately introduced into easy money.

Of course mixing with Zionists and ex Zionists, and Jews is an exception, even anti Zionists can fit in.

My drivers License and Passport have been stolen – God knows how they are used -

I have 12 points (UK banned) on my license, I never even went to court. I do not know anything about it.

My emails are filtered, my phone signals can be switched on and off remotely.

I have been spiked many many times.

When they finally come in for the kill, there is already an acceptance of their might.

If I was in the vicinity of a fatality – who would possibly believe any defense I offered?

Added Nov. 7 09

pp fort hood2

The link from whatreallyappened (above) is incorrect at this moment: it should be


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Written by morris

November 7, 2009 at 1:08 pm

Muslims should thank the Jews for making them attractive.

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I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong with the Jewish religion, I doubt if there is.

But take a look at what is ‘going down’.

An ant army hell bent on undermining any modicum of decency in the human spirit. From genocidal wars to occupation, deception to theft, spiking to torture.
There is an irony in the Jewish concern for respectability, that Jews appear as a united family etc. When the reality is filled with devious conspiracies.
If the Jews feel one of them is betraying their ‘respectable’ image, the hapless humanist will be inundated with deviants, remorselessly, relentlessly and vindictively, with a lot of spiking, ID’s being stolen, and loved ones ‘taken care of’. No fingerprints is the only guiding principle.
How do these respectable Jews know all the deviants in town? And in the answer appears reality.
Couldn’t a chief Rabbi pronounce a Fatwa that sexual humiliation is illegal. The use of sex in furthering hegemonic aims is legendary, from providing it, to inviting Ron Paul to a set up in a Hotel room.  And I am frequented by transsexuals, all orchestrated by those attending synagogues. And didn’t Abu Ghraib happen on the Jewish watch? And how many Abu Ghraibs are there?

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Written by morris

October 12, 2009 at 10:45 am

Skyping G. Atzmon on Israeli Criminals, Gays and Corruption – Video

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Can be seen larger here:


Written by morris

August 5, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Video: Some Jewish bloggers FOR commemorating the Nakba

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And anyway who has hijacked the Jews?

High Quality option shows up at YouTube

Sources of news information:

Video: Holocaust survivor abused by Israeli security

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HatTip whatreallyhappened


Modern Jewish rule
Israelis  mechanised and programmed

Anyone Jew fraternising with Muslims who are not deviant will be punished, wherever they are (not only Israel).


This is what we Jews need to be fighting for

That is the bottom line

know it or not

Written by morris

April 11, 2009 at 12:50 pm

Bibi – a shaky emperer

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The emperor of the world – Bibi Netanyahu – does that sound far fetched?

Consider the preponderous presence of Jewish bankers – and they show allegiance to Israel.

The common accusation that American foreign policy is directed for Israel’s well being. And (make no mistake) Israel’s agenda is hegemony.

Avram Burg has stated that 10% of the worlds arm dealers are Israelis.

Then there is the talk of the Russian Israeli mafia, and we see the entire US congress (bar 5 members) vote in favour of Israel’s attack in Gaza.

And we have at least a dog and a tail.

Bibi just created 30 ministers in order to garner a Government together, yet he never made a minister for health. But we hear many proclamations against Iran.

Wonder how long Bibi’s governemnt will last? It will surely lead to more Israeli isolation. There is a worldwide clamour to reign in Israel’s excesses. And no one in Israel (or the Lobby) has ever listened. They just sing the anachronistic song of the enemy – currently Iran.

Uri Avneri is saying in his latest article that Lieberman is holding all the cards, that he will bring the Government down as soon as it suits him, so that in new elections he can gain absolute control. Sounds plausible.

It is the Jewish Diaspora that must take the blame for its unbridled support for all things Israeli. The huge sums of money that have poured into the country, creating a nation of people divorced from reality.

Will leave you with an excerpt from Uri Avneri’s newsletter:

Who’s The Boss?

ON THE first day of the new Israeli government

[...] Binyamin Netanyahu read an uninspired speech, which included the worn-out cliches that are necessary to set the world at ease: the government is committed to peace, it will negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, bla-bla-bla.

Avigdor Lieberman hurried from there to the foreign Office, for the ceremonial change of ministers. He, too, made a speech – but it was not a routine speech at all.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum – if you want peace, prepare for war,” declared the new Foreign Minister. When a diplomat quotes this ancient Roman saying, the world pays no attention to the first part, but only to the second. Coming from the mouth of the already infamous Lieberman, it was a clear threat: the new government is entering upon a path of war, not of peace.

With this sentence, Lieberman negated Netanyahu’s speech and made headlines around the world. He confirmed the worst apprehensions connected with the creation of this government.

Not content with quoting the Romans, he explained specifically why he used this motto. Concessions, he said, do not bring peace, but quite the reverse. The world respected and admired Israel when it won the Six-day war.

Two fallacies in one sentence. Returning occupied territory is not a “concession”. When a thief is compelled to return stolen property, or when a squatter vacates an apartment that does not belong to him, that is not a “concession”. And the admiration for Israel in 1967 came from a world that saw us as a little, valiant country that had stood up to mighty armies out to destroy us. But today’s Israel looks like a brutal Goliath, while the occupied Palestinians are now viewed as a David with his slingshot, fighting for his life.

With this speech, Lieberman succeeded in stirring the world, but even more in humiliating Netanyahu. He exposed the peace declarations of the new Prime Minister as nothing but soap bubbles.

Now where does that leave the emperer of the world? On very shaky ground. Not a good omen.

Written by morris

April 7, 2009 at 1:01 am

Cheney Torture, Obama Admin revealing

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There was a time when Jewish pride was awakened to having a Vice president ….
And is he a red herring?
Or do people like this work there way to the top everywhere?
March 29, 2009

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose

The former vice-president fears being held to account on torture and is lashing out …

Growling and sneering, Cheney accused the new president of actively endangering the lives of Americans by ending the detention and interrogation programmes of the last administration, and vowing to close Guantanamo Bay. It’s hard to overstate how unseemly and unusual this was.

It is fine for a former vice-president to criticise his successor in due course. But there is a decorum that allows for a new president not to be immediately undermined by his predecessor. To be accused of what amounts to treason – a willingness to endanger the lives of Americans – is simply unheard of. …

But as the memos have emerged, the awful truth of what Cheney actually authorised becomes harder and harder to deny. And Cheney is desperately trying to maintain a grip on the narrative before it grips him by the throat. …

The New York Times published leaked testimony from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The documents detailed horrifying CIA practices that the Red Cross unequivocally called torture – shoving prisoners in tiny, air-tight coffins, waterboarding, beatings, sleep deprivation, stress positions: all the techniques we have now come to know almost by heart. And torture is a war crime. War crimes have no statute of limitations and are among the most serious crimes of which one can be accused.   –more–


And from last year, and even this was probably a white wash for the real gory details:


Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S. Texas

Charges related to alleged abuse of prisoners in federal detention centers

Associated Press Nov. 18, 2008, 7:37PM

McALLEN — A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on state charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in Willacy County’s federal detention centers.  –more–


Got out of that one…

Cheney, Gonzales indictments dropped

December 2, 2008

A judge in Raymondville, Texas has dropped indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.




Below is a ten minute “see-for-yourself” report that conclusively shows that Vice President Dick Cheney’s claims to Kennedy County Sherriff’s Deputies in south Texas is a total fabrication.

A massive cover-up has been conducted concerning the shooting. We know that most of the facts that have been told to the public are manufactured frauds. Cheney claims that he shot Whittington at 90 feet, ballistic tests from the spread of the shotgun pellets to their penetration depth is 100% conclusive.

Harry Whittington was shot at close range, between 15 and 18 feet, not the 90 claimed by Dick Cheney and the Secret Service. It is now clear why they refused to let Sherriff’s Deputies interview Cheney for over 13 hours and why they claimed that Whittington’s injuries were superficial when in truth they were grevious.  


Lets say the Jews are good people, and ask who is in charge, which Jews are rising to the top, and enslaving others in their pride of self description …


pictures and links to newspaper cuttings Washington Times etc

Written by morris

March 30, 2009 at 12:40 pm

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Dangerous Times

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The Bloggers, the internet and the world’s zeitgeist is focusing on Jewish power. Exemplified by the financial crisis and brought on by the phony ‘war on terror’.


The NeoCons or Zionists or Israel Lovers are still in control, having to monitor and interfere with anyone of opposition. But their very tenets are being questioned: Interest rates, Fiat money the media etc. Still they are in control of the Mainstream Media and the Politicians but it cannot last.


People are learning not to attack the Jews for being Jews:

I don’t care one way or another about ‘Jews’. Quite frankly, I would like to believe that race, creed, color and national origin doesn’t mean squat to me. I take people as I find them and I keep or lose them according to what they are as a person and not whatever outfit they got themselves self-described in. I have no problem with any group of people related to what they were born into. I sometimes have a problem with where they’ve gone with it since.          Smoking Mirrors


It seems for thousands of years a jewish way of life has relied on being bankers of one sort or another, and now it is crumbling. Can the bankers redress the system into a world currency or some other form of patchwork or can we outgrow Fiat money?

What would happen to Israel and Jewish power if there were no more banks, insurance companies and fiat money? We all want to get through this without violence. But the tiny top 2% still feel their hold on the reigns. It is time to reeducate them and us. Our colleges and media educate us to believe in utility, productivity, advertising and consumption. we are all indoctrinated.


Currently the EU is set to ban Holocaust denial, the United States is about to rescue Jews in Yemen, and the entire US congress (minus five members) recently supported Israels onslaught into Gaza. All show the Jewish power. Meanwhile the UK and the US are printing money as if it will avoid a meltdown. And a hidden army interferes with any individuals who examine, criticise or blame the Jews.


Most Jews don’t have a clue about the workings and shenanigans of Jewish power. Most Israelis do, at least the ones who go abroad, it all started in the army – say no more. A prerequisite for enforcing power is to interfere in a persons personal life. In the electronic age, the phone and email are easy tools.


Where is it all going to end up? If violence is to be avoided then surrendering monetary control is required. Unfortunately wars and fear within populations will seem more attractive. For all the efforts to keep the Jews ‘in the fold’ the only hope is for the Jews to rise up against their Jewish masters and say: enough corruption, enough spin, enough of making us go against the human spirit, of making us police for a hegemony we are not interested in.


But the Jews in power will also take out heretical Jews.


Yet as Smoking Mirrrors says:

You can lock us up and you can make us disappear but you cannot make what we are disappear. You can’t lock up liberty and you can’t make the truth disappear. However many of us you lock up; you only set more of us free in the streets. However many of us you disappear, even more will appear to replace us. It doesn’t matter how it works. What matters is that it does.   Smoking Mirrors


For those in power the racism of israel is equally relavent for Jews everywhere, every Jew should be waving the flag.

Written by morris

March 22, 2009 at 12:23 am


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